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Mac's Top Tracks


Mac's Top Tracks

Compound Butter


We here at CB have been deeply in love with Mac Demarco ever since we heard the swoon worthy tones of his first album, "Rock n Roll Nightclub." Lucky for us, Mac has only gotten better with age and with over five albums and tapes to choose from, there's no shortage of amazing tracks to listen to. After the announcement that his new album, "Another One," will be released in August, we decided to put together this little list of our favorite tracks and performances for you guys. 


1. Dreamin

We have always been a fan of the studio version of song, but when we heard this stripped down, intimate performance, we fell in love all over again. Mac gets a lot of flack for being too ridiculous and too hipster...but after watching his effortless guitar work and perfectly pitched vocals, you can't deny that the goofy fucker has talent. 

2. Let My Baby Stay 

This short film directed by Hiro Murai captures the contrast between Mac's  lighthearted demeanor and often melancholy and lovesick music. Shots of him sitting alone on rooftops and performing seemingly unnoticed in a gym while singing about lost love create an aura of anonymity. However, true to form, there's a shot of Mac in drag to remind us not to take him too seriously. 

3. Baby's Wearing Blue Jeans 

An oldie but a goodie from Mac’s first album that still has us moving. This recording is definitely the best live version we’ve ever heard and we dare you not to listen to it on repeat. The quick beat and loose chords will have you dancing along with Mac and his dudes in no time.

4. Ode to Viceroy 

This is the only non-live video on the list, but how can you mess with the song that started it all? It catapulted Mac into our lives and all he's singing about is his love for his favorite brand of cigarettes. The song is dreamy, gentle, and as the guitar and vocals sway, we can’t help but drift away with Mac in search of another cig. We hope Viceroy gave him a lifetime supply so he can chill on that tropical beach, smoking the days away. 

5. Still Together 

You can't talk about Mac without his girlfriend Kiera. They're a package deal. "Still Together" is one of the many songs he wrote about her and is the one always he performs at the end of his gigs. This particular performance was especially special since she came out on stage and joined him for it. Cuteness ensues and let's be honest, we're all a little jealous of Kiera. 


Now that you've listened to the best of Mac do yourself a favor, watch this "Macumentary," and get pumped for “Another One.” We definitely are. 

Illustration by Jaya Nicely