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Foster Huntington


Foster Huntington

Compound Butter

Foster Huntington and his friends are living in the woods a la Swiss Family Robinson and we are so jealous. Their daily experiences are the kind that people write books, make movies, or dream about when thinking of quitting their desk jobs. Most known for his recent Cinder Cone (treehouse) Kickstarter project, Huntington combined his background in design and his childlike imagination and translated the result into the ultimate skating wilderness dude domicile. While we, along with Huffington Post, Monster Children, etc. love the cone project, we have always had a soft spot for his day to day photography. The shots he captures are filled with youthful exuberance and delightful abandon. The juxtaposition of the beauty of nature and the freedom of youth are almost enough to make us run away from our homes and sleep within the trees. 

Check out his instagram and tumblr to keep up to date.

All images by Foster Huntington