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Mobile Youth


Mobile Youth

Compound Butter

From getting kicks on Route 66 to On the Road, the desire for cross country meandering has long been engrained in the American psyche. Of course now many rely on air travel, leaving the wide open roads and endless prairies of the middle of the country far less traveled. However, recently a new breed of young Americans has begun to emerge - those that want to live and travel on the road. We just so happen to have a few friends that will soon been driving through the US by van, ready to explore and experience the in-between spaces, the national parks, and other beauties this country has to offer. 

Home Sweet Van 

For the past year, we've been following Home Sweet Van where Juliana Linder and Richmond Holland have been building a home within their 140" Sprinter van. From a pully system to lift their mattress up to the ceiling to indoor plumbing, they have thought of and built everything they will need for an efficient and comfortable mobile home. This spring the van will hit the road traveling through the South West all the way north through to Alaska. Follow their blog and instagram to keep up with their travels!


Yondervan is a nomadic art project created by Addison Eaton which focuses on traveling and making things while doing it. Created when Eaton was a student at Art Center College of Design, his goal was to live in his van while traveling the country and selling his art in person and through his online store. He's setting off this Spring, so make sure to follow the journey on instagram and tumblr