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Safari Honeymoon


Safari Honeymoon

Compound Butter

"There exists a future so bright that if you squint your eyes in the right direction you can see it shimmering in the distance"

When I picked up Jesse Jacob’s newest release, “Safari Honeymoon” I was originally drawn to  the fluorescent green pages and organically drawn figures. I had read about it online but didn’t know what to expect besides fantastical and abstract artwork, so it was a pleasant surprise to see such strong underlying themes of agriculture and the culinary arts. I have never seen such a strong focus on food in any other graphic novel,  but it all made sense when I found out the author’s day job was with an organic food-op, and that he had admitted that if he wasn’t a cartoonist he would be a farmer. 

The story centers around newlyweds visiting an alien planet for a “Honeymoon Safari” led by an intrepid and protective guide. Symbiotic and parasitic relationships abound as Jacobs explores the nexus between city dwellers expectations of the wild and the reality of unknown worlds. From the guides new tongue, a worm that ate the real thing in his sleep and now lives happily inside his mouth, to a newly adopted baby alien named Winston, we are introduced to strange and amazing animals that are sometimes similar in shape to those we know in our own world but are foreign and wild in concept.

The constant presence of food and shared dining adds a level of familiarity and comfort to the safari as the guide painstakingly crafts beautiful dishes for the newlyweds. From grilled croque monsieur with creme fraiche and gruyere to charcuterie plates full of amazing cheeses, rhubharb raisin relish and chardonnay, readers are treated to a visual display that will leave mouths watering.  

I went through “Safari Honeymoon” in a day, devouring it almost too easily. Not only was it meticulously detailed, but every page held something new. The plot was fantastical and unpredictable and stood up to every expectation I had. Check out some of it’s spreads below and buy yourself a copy from Koyama Press or your local book store.