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Dripping in Daybreak


Dripping in Daybreak

Compound Butter

"Dripping in Daybreak," a recently released collaborative project, offers writing by Damara Miller coupled with images styled and shot by Salene Jang. The result is a playful and intimate piece of literature and art. We hope you enjoy it, published here for the first time in its entirety online.

With the morning comes a far song, 

The whispers of sound.

I hold it until it howls until it

Roars until it wavers until it’s

Obscured once more.

I pay no mind.

I’m dripping in the

Daybreak, watering a seedling and

Tasting remnants

Of a popsicle.

I take to the dirt.

The world is but fistfuls of earth,

The scrape of a spade.

Crumbles that fall until they’re

Molded until they’re flattened until they’re

Obscured once more.

I think of hands.

My mother’s, as she

Gathered my hair on top of my head, 

Turned in her palms.

A radish comes free.

I roll it in mine.

What a gift, to borrow nature.

What a gift, to care for turnips and tomatoes

While drunk on sunrise coffee and full of midday cake. 

What a gift, to have a memory,

And a mother,

And a bright garden,

In this bright world,

That sings its own song,

Like a child to her daisies,

Or a woman to her carrots.

Damara Miller is a writer based in Los Angeles. You can follow her on instagram and contact her at  damarapratt@gmail.com.

Salene Jang is a set designer, illustrator and recent graduate of Art Center College of Design. Check out more of her work and follow her on instagram