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Compound Butter Pins


Compound Butter Pins

Compound Butter

This is not a drill!! Today we are happy to announce the release of two exclusive enamel pins - a collaboration between Compound Butter and Alycea Tinoyan.


The first, our signature CB short stack, was born out of our love for breakfast foods - of which the pancake is arguably the pinnacle. These thick pancakes are stacked sky high and come with a hefty portion of syrup and a butter pat in the shape of our logo. Designed by Alycea Tinoyan, we love these fancy flapjacks and hope you will to!


Our second pin is a special design lifted from the pages of our Childhood Issue! The bugs pin comes from Alycea Tinoyan's 'Dirty Bunny' comic and takes us back to our early days of running after ice cream carts, fists full of change, eager for a sugary artificial flavored popsicle. While Bug's eyes may not be quite right, you can tell from his smile that his heart is in the right place. Pick up a Bug's pin today and see if it gives you the same rush as popsicles of days past. 

You can buy these pins in our online store - just click the link on the top of the page!