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Compound Butter is a publication about food, art, and all the things in between. We feature work created by up and coming and creative folks from all over the world. For general inquiries please email compoundbuttermag@gmail.com

Jaya Nicely

Co Founder and Art Director 

Jaya is an art director and illustrator from Los Angeles, California. Along with designing the magazine, she also oversees content and assigns illustrators to articles and features. When she's not designing, she's creating and making messes in her studio that will ultimately make her lose the security deposit. 

jaya@compound-butter.com / @jayafish

Jessie Nicely

Co Founder and Editor in Chief

Jessie is a writer and chef from San Francisco, California. When she's not writing, editing or curating work for the upcoming issues you can find her in the kitchen experimenting with new recipes and reading about, looking at, and dreaming of food. 

jessie@compound-butter.com / @youngpoorhungry